Mairangi Arts Centre and The Artists Village, Singapore presents Portaiture, Daily Photos shown as part of a group exhibition,  Auckland, NZ



Luxalot, group exhibition, Lot 23, Auckland

- 2015

All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever

All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever, Lounge at Q Theatre, curated by Lot23

- 2014

It's Complicated

Group show, Studio 230, Auckland

- 2003 & 2008

Light Bytes at Night - 'Millennium Girl'

Projected animations by two artists – Lesley Kaiser and Kezia Barnett – showing in-between the ads on a four-storey high projection billboard, Freyburg Place, Auckland. After-dark, Wednesday – Saturday, throughout 2003 (works changing monthly)

see Light Bytes at Night

- 2003


Lightbytes the video screened at ‘Soliton’, a non-stop mix of gallery, theatre, club & cinema, Regent Theatre, Auckland

- 1997

Barnett Newman: 'Calendar Girl'

Joint exhibition – Kezia Barnett and Charlotte Newman – at the George Fraser Gallery, Auckland

- 1997

The Minutes

Love Affair (sound / slide project) played as part of ‘The Minutes’ (a ‘Relay’ event), at Artspace, Auckland

- 1997


Love Affair (sound / slide project) played as part of ‘Art on Air’ a group show of sound works broadcast on 95 BFM, NZ

- 1996


Video piece ‘Ltd.’ (edition 3) shown in the MONITOR exhibition at the Physics Room, Christchurch

- 1996

Oestrogen Rising

Interactive computer piece Pick Me! Choose Me! Use Me! and video piece ‘Ltd’ (Edition 3) shown at Oestrogen Rising, a day of women’s performance, video, sound, workshops and discussions at Artspace, Auckland

- 1996

Live at artspace

Group show at Artspace, Auckland – current Intermedia work from Elam

- 1996

Buddle findlay Art Award

Group show, Chiaroscuro gallery, Auckland

- 1996

Art on Air

Group show of sound works broadcast on 95 BFM, NZ

- 1995

The Atomic Age Opens Project

A mail art exhibition at the Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

- 1994


Group performance, Artspace, Auckland